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Maintenance of Rail-track machinery  and ancillaries; Link Lighting.

Integrated Glass Technologies was formed in 2000 to manufacture for sale new Lighting Glass, Pharmaceutical Glass and glass tableware making processes and provide Engineering and Technical Support to companies with:

  • Dema / Corning Ribbon Machines
          Chain parts, overhauls, new chains supplied
          machine drive components, gears shafts, etc.
          electrical spares, drive modifications.
          Type equipment

  • Dema / Chance Vello Tube / rod drawing Lines and spares
  • Dema version, Danner tube / rod drawing lines and spares
  • Lamp caps machines: pin riveters and vitrite machines
  • Occasionally second hand equipment made by others
  • Modified Westlake / PTB  tableware machines
  • Hartford H28
  • Libbey L18

The design of special purpose machines / machine modifications / test rigs.

Glass tube packing machine; end forming machine.

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